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Piano software

Using Keyboards

Computers are the main source for many of the arts. Photographers use computers for editing pictures and uploading them to post to their website. Musicians are also finding that computers are great for helping to make music. There is plenty

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Sound speaker

Types of Beats

With the advent of evolving DAW (digital audio workstations), the limitations in new beats and formats changes daily. There is no longer the limitation imposed by the need to be in studio, when now the studio can be anywhere as

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Beat making station

Building Your Studio

Obviously, any music maker needs some type of studio that they can use to create their own music. Depending on the budget your working with, the potential for how effective your studio can be has a wide range. Here are

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best mac

BTV Solo

Shopping for music production software can be a difficult and complex affair. The main reason for this is that the market is flooded with options. With popular software like FL Studio and Dubturbo each claiming to be the “best”, cutting

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best beat making software

Superior Songwriting

Getting a musical inspiration can be an exciting or frustrating experience. If you know the art of musical composition, an inspiration is about the best thing that can happen to you. This is because you can transform the inspiration into

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download beat making software

Freestyle Rap for All

Freestyle rap is the perfect starting point for anyone who desires to make strides as a rapper. Whether you desire to participate in battle rap, write lyrics or become a fullblown rapper, freestyling is the perfect place to start. Most

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