Acoustic Pianos vs. Digital Pianos vs. Electric Keyboards

When it comes to the choosing of what kind of piano to use while producing music many factors will have to be taken into account when choosing the right kind of piano that you will want. The acoustic piano, the digital piano and the electronic keyboard all have their different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the kind of music they are best in producing.

free-online-downloadFor the acoustic piano, one of the best advantages of this is that it is the real thing. This means that everything from the harmonics, the vibrations produced, the touch and the sound produced is nothing but the real deal when it comes to music production. It provides one with the true sensation of hitting the keys and producing music, this means that the sound produced is nothing short of the acoustic sounds sort for by most music producers. This piano is especially suited for those who want to produce the infinite sensitivity and feel of the music-mostly for the classical artists. The disadvantages of these acoustic pianos is the high cost in maintenance of this instrument, there initial high purchase costs and the regular tuning makes this not such a great choice for everyone.

The digital piano can be considered as great choice for anyone keen on music making. This piano has a variety of pros compared to the acoustic piano and the electric keyboard. First in addition to producing piano sounds, it is able produce sounds for any other imaginable instrument. This means that one can produce music of a different variety of music on just the digital piano. This means that one can produce music ranging from jazz to pop. This piano can also be connected to a computer such as a Mac PC, making music production a whole lot easier and faster. One has the option of playing this piano silently with headphones, reducing the disturbances caused when played without. A disadvantage of the digital piano is that it lacks the authenticity of a classic acoustic piano as it attempts to imitate the feel of the acoustic piano in action. The life expectancy of a digital piano is limited as being an electronic device it is prone to failure.

online-download-freeThe electronic keyboard is also an excellent choice in music making especially for rock, funk-rock and jazz music producers. It has a wide range of advantages; it is able to be connected to a computer while producing sound making it a great choice for music production. It is very light and portable thus can be carried in a car after being disassembled and transported to any venue. Some of the disadvantages are the keys in some models are not sensitive thus the sound isn’t as authentic as an acoustic piano. The instrument is prone to both mechanical and electronic failures that will hinder music production.

When choosing a piano for music production, consider the kind of music you want to produce as each is suitable for different types of music for different occasions.