BTV Solo

Shopping for music production software can be a difficult and complex affair. The main reason for this is that the market is flooded with options. With popular software like FL Studio and Dubturbo each claiming to be the “best”, cutting through the marketing hype can be difficult.

For beginners, the challenge is usually finding a balance between simplicity and power. The ideal software in this case should be simple enough to be easy to master and use; yet powerful enough to produce good quality beats

Unfortunately, finding such a balance isn’t easy. This is because most software leans toward simplicity or power. Dubturbo, for instance, is simple enough to use, but also good for producing only basic-quality beats. FL Studio is powerful enough to produce pro grade beats, but it’s so complicated that mastering it in order to harness its power takes time.

Fortunately, there is some software that can provide a perfect balance between simplicity and power. One such option which recently entered the market is BTV Solo Professional Music Production Software.

free downloadWhat is BTV Solo?

BTV Solo is a software designed to offer a simplified approach to music production. It can be used for creating, editing and synthesizing music beats. The software is specifically built to make it easier to produce professional-sounding beats regardless of the user’s level of experience. As such, it’s one of the few beat making software that’s great for both beginners and experienced producers.

The main distinction of BTV Solo is that it can be used either as a standalone application or a plugin. As a standalone app, it can perform standard beat making tasks which are expected in a beat making software. 

However, BTV Solo can also be used as a VST or AU plugin to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). A DAW is a device or software which is used for recording, editing and producing audio files. This plugin option makes BTV Solo great in professional production environments. 

Since it first entered the market, BTV Solo has received endorsement from some top-level music producers. Its website features endorsements from Grammy-Winning producers, artists and sound-engineers like Dallas Austin, Tricky Stewart and Commissioner Gordon. These are people who have worked with top artists like Rihanna, Eminem, Beyonce, Katy Perry and many others.

BTV Solo has received such high-profile endorsements because it offers a number of features which are perfect for both newcomers and professionals. These features are outlined below:

Key Features Of BTV Solo

-A 16-track realtime sequencer which is linear pattern-based: this simplifies beat composition and editing

– An onboard mixer with over 60 preset effects which are fully customizable: this makes it perfect for balancing sounds without requiring an external mixer.

– A MIDI controller which makes it great for capturing and synthesizing input directly from an MIDI keyboard.

– The capacity to be used as a VST or AU plugin in a DAW. This is perfect for complex music production settings.

– The capability to export the beat in a 16 or 24-bit .wav format. This not only preserves sound quality, but also produces beats which are fully editable in other audio-editing programs

– A database with 1000s of synths, samples and sound-effects. These are not only fully editable, but also 100% royalty free. This makes it great for producing professional grade beats.

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How Does BTV Solo Stack Up Against The Competition?

BTV Solo can certainly outpace most popular beat-making software on the market. It’s clearly more powerful than Dubturbo, and much simpler to use. Its MIDI support and DAW plugin capabilities give it a slight edge over FL Studio in terms of power. But it mainly comes to ease of use where BTV Solo outpaces FL Studio by some margin.


BTV Solo’s DAW plugin capability is a very helpful tool that makes it stand out among other beat making software. This means that its audio output can be plugged directly into a recording device or software. As a result, loss of quality through exporting can be avoided.

BTV Solo is perfect for a user who has other complex music production equipment such as a MIDI keyboard and/or a DAW. Such a user is better positioned to utilize all of its qualities. 

What Are Its Pros and Cons?


-It can be used to compose, edit, synthesize and export professional-grade beats

-It has an intuitive user interface. This makes learning to use it quite simple.

-It can be used as a VST or AU plugin for a DAW. This makes it ideal for use in professional music production environments.

-It has MIDI support which makes it perfect for someone who has a MIDI keyboard.

-It’s quite affordable. It can be purchased for as low as $37 with a lifetime guarantee of free software upgrades.

-It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This offers new users enough time to check it out.


-It lacks a search bar. This can be a major problem because it makes it hard to locate a specific sound effect. You basically have to manually search through all the inbuilt-sounds as well as plug-ins. This can be time-consuming especially if you are a new user and don’t know where to look in order to find a specific sound. A basic search option would make the software much easier to use.

-It doesn’t use the layers approach to sound editing which is almost standard in beat making software. Rather, it uses a linier pattern-based approach. This makes the software a little tricky especially for someone who has had experience with other beat making software. It also means that if BTV Solo is your first software, you will find migrating to other software a little difficult. You’ll have to unlearn BTV Solo’s approach and relearn the layers-based approach to creating, editing and synthesizing beats. download

The Verdict: Is BTV Solo Worth It?

BTV Solo is certainly a great option for producing top-quality beats. It offers just the right balance between simplicity and power – something which is rare in beat making software. As such, it would be an ideal choice any day. 

So, is it the perfect choice? Well, it depends. 

If you are an experienced producer who already has equipment like a MIDI keyboard, or a DAW, then BTV Solo is the perfect choice. The same applies if you’re a beginner or intermediate producer who is willing to invest in such equipment. This equipment will enable you to maximize the power of the software. 

If BTV Solo sounds like the right option for you, definitely check it out because to this day, I still don’t regret purchasing this fantastic software!