How to Make a Music Video

A great video is fun to watch, and captures the attention of the audience which can result in their desire to watch it repeatedly or share it with friends. For a music video to be great, it should bring energy to the song and be able to stand alone from the beat. It doesn’t have to be too literal, although it should represent the theme and emotion of the song effectively. Video makers can adapt these easy steps to make their work become distinguished from the massive amount of videos produced each day. 

Having quality equipment and the knowledge to operate them is the starting point towards achieving a high quality video. Invest in both hardware and software, download resources online and look for video editing training on the internet. Ensure you have high quality cameras, computers and editing software. Lighting should as well be sufficient or well balanced during the editing process. Advocate for consistency, as the most striking music videos are those handled by the same team from video capturing and production. 

beat-babyWork hand in hand with the artist to know their preferences and those of the band. To address each part of a song to detail, choose one that is short and probably tells a story. Enhance creativity by brainstorming with the artist, and their band on how to best illustrate the song. Always make lists of the shots that should be featured in the video, drawing sketches of the shots that seem most important. Decide on the style of the video at an early stage to ensure consistency throughout the whole thing.  

Taking multiple shots of each scene helps to create an adequate resource from which to edit. Create more scenes as new ideas come up, and capture performances from different backgrounds. The more footage you shoot, the easier the editing will become in the future. Use video editing software you’re familiar with to maximize the use of its features. Add effects and final touches so that the video feels like a visual version of the lyrics it represents.

The quality of the music video also depends on the creativity and skills of the music maker, as well as the video editing software used. You should have a workstation that enhances recording, editing and mixing of the files. Great video editing programs enable editors to record the various controllers and instruments, lay down the tracks, add effects and rearrange without difficulty. Some of this software includes Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas. 

Always select editing software which you are comfortable to work with. Advanced level editing videos tend to discourage starters and kill their creativity, while editing pros need to sharpen their skills with expert-level programs. In order to make videos great, learn to use all the features of your preferred software. This makes the workflow easier and builds your confidence as you do the editing. 

VideoPad Video Editor is among the top rated free video editing programs that are easy to use for both starters and experts. The program runs well on both Windows and Mac platforms. Editors can create great videos using the program due to its stunning features. It enables video editing in 3D or the stereoscopic conversion from 2D to 3D. Editors can also customize applied transitions or overlay movie credits and text for captions. The program also enables editing from a wide range of video sources, and produces videos for a large variety of platforms including HD, DVD and YouTube.

Advance your skills by working with different types of video editing programs. Stick to these tips to stand out of the crowd of video makers.