Mega Music Maker

Finding the perfect beat making software can be a tricky affair, especially for an absolute beginner. It’s even trickier if you’re someone who doesn’t have a musical background. If someone doesn’t understand basic terms like “octave” or “tempo”, then they will probably get stumped by most beat making software.

A great software for such beginners needs to offer three attributes. First of all, it needs to be intuitive such that getting started in using it isn’t difficult. Secondly, it needs to produce some decent-quality beats so that a user gets a positive reward for their efforts. Finally, it needs to have great tutorials which teach users not only how to use the software, but is also able to give them helpful tips on how to create beats. 

Fortunately, there are a number of digital beat makers which now offer these attributes. Some of the popular options on the market include Dubturbo, BTV Solo and Dr. Drum. Beat making novices are usually advised to check out on these three options. One other software which is great for beginners is the Mega Music Maker.PC Mac

What is Mega Music Maker?

Mega Music Maker is a beat making software designed to simplify music production on a PC or Mac. It enables a user to compose, create, synthesize and export beats within the shortest time possible. It can be used to produce beats across a variety of musical genres.

Unlike most beat making software, Mega Music Maker is available as both an online and standalone application. The online version can be used by anyone who has an internet connection. The standalone application requires downloading and can be installed on a PC or Mac. These two options offer Mega Music Maker a degree of flexibility which most music production software doesn’t offer.

Mega Music Maker was created by Jamie Lewis – a professional producer with over 20 years experience in music production. It was designed for people who don’t have a musical background but desire to enter the world of music production. So Lewis made this software simple, flexible and great for producing beats across musical genres such as hip hop, R&B, techno, country, house and many others. Its flexibility arises from a selection of great features.

Key Features of Mega Music Maker

– A color-coded 16-track stereo editor. This makes it easy to compose, edit and synthesize your beats

– A music sequencer linked to a 7-octave keyboard. This makes it easy for you to add guitars, pianos, horns, basses, loops and other instruments and effects.

– A 16-track drum editor linked to 9 dynamic pads and thousands of drum sounds. This makes it easy to create and precisely edit drum sounds.

-An inbuilt mixer with fading, muting, panning and solo capabilities. This means that you can use the software without requiring an external mixer.

– A collection of over 70 drum kits, 100 piano sets and 3,000 sound-effects to choose from. This makes music composition easy by offering you lots of components to choose from.

– Availability both as an online application and a stand-alone app installable on a PC or Mac. This offers you flexibility of use.

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How Does Mega Music Maker Stack Up Against The Competition?

The clear advantage which Mega Music Maker enjoys over almost all competitors is its availability as both an online and stand-alone application. The online option is what gives it an edge. All the other competitors such as Dubturbo and BTV Solo are only available as stand-alone applications. 

Given that a single Mega Music Maker purchase offers access to both its online and off-line versions, it certainly gives users more flexibility. This means that you can make beats from any PC or Mac with an internet connection. So, if you intend to travel, you don’t need to carry your own personal computer along in order to be able to make beats. 

Another advantage which Mega Music Maker offers is its detailed tutorials. The tutorials go beyond simply showing you how to use the program. It teaches other important skills like music composition, how to play piano and other instruments. This makes Mega Music Maker perfect for someone without any musical background. The training you receive from this program can easily make you a better musician, and ultimately a better producer.

Mega Music Maker also has an interface which is extremely easy to use. Almost all its operations are simple drag-and-drops, which makes the software easy to master. As an absolute beginner, you can be able to make good quality beats in less 4 hours. This makes Mega Music Maker a much better alternative than Dubturbo and almost put sit on par with BTV Solo and Dr. free

Where Mega Music Maker falls short of BTV Solo is in terms of audio output quality. This is because you can only export audio files in mp3 format. Now, mp3 files are compressed files. As such, they degrade the audio quality of the beats. BTV Solo offers an export to a 16 or 24-bit .wav format which offers richer sound quality than mp3.

What are the Pros and Cons of Mega Music Maker?


It offers an online and offline option for composing, editing, synthesizing and exporting beats. The online option offers flexibility on the go.

It has an easy-to-use interface. This makes it easy for new users to get started within a relatively short time.

It offers detailed tutorials and online-support. This makes it perfect especially for users who don’t have a musical background.

It’s quite affordable. For a one-time fee of $37, a user gets not only the offline version, but also access to the online version.

It comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. This offers new users more than enough time to check it out.


The only criticism which can be made about Mega Music Maker is its mp3-only export capacity. This limits its use in professional settings. Mp3 audio files may be good for enthusiast uses, but for anyone who desires professional grade beats, they aren’t the best option.

The Verdict: Is Mega Music Maker The Best Choice?

Mega Music Maker certainly offers numerous positive qualities. Its online option is almost unrivaled. No other beat maker offers such flexibility. Its detailed tutorials are also perfect especially for a beginner. When combined with its simple user interface and 1000s of instruments, synths and effects, it means that a new user can get started making great beats in no time.

Where the software falls short is in terms of its export capability. Exporting in mp3 format may be great for enthusiast beats, but it doesn’t cut it for pro grade productions. So, in terms of pro sound quality, Mega Music Maker falls short.

Therefore, if you are an aspiring producer, without a musical background, and looking to enter the world of music production, then Mega Music Maker is the perfect choice. It’s especially perfect if you travel a lot and want to be able to make beats online without having to carry your PC or Mac along. 

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