Building Your Studio

Obviously, any music maker needs some type of studio that they can use to create their own music. Depending on the budget your working with, the potential for how effective your studio can be has a wide range. Here are some of the basic tips and guidelines that should be followed when your creating your own music making studio.

While singing and musical instruments played inside can disturb some neighbors, sound from the outside world can also interfere with the concentration of musicians and can make recording flawed. An acoustic glass is the best idea when you want to let the natural light come in but do not wish the sound from inside to go out. It does however, need to be sealed perfectly in order to serve its purpose. Its very affordable, and is available at most hardware stores. Doors should be sealed with vinyl strips and sealers, both very reasonably priced, and are available in hardware shops too. It’s important to make sure that no cracks remain when the doors are shut, so that sound can’t escape from the studio.

Now, for the actual making of music. A PC or a Mac is essential to making music. While almost all computers can be used for this purpose, some are better than the others for the specific purpose of recording music. Firstly, they need to have a very fast processor. The computer should have a screen that’s preferably big, and comes with high resolution, as this will help you to better analyze your tracks when you’re editing them. The Mac seems to be the computer of choice for most musicians. No other computer has yet been able to beat Apple’s Mac in sound recording. You can choose from among the Mac Mini, the Macbook Pro, the iMac and the Mac Pro. While the Mac mini is the cheapest, it’s not super fast. If you can afford it, the Mac Pro is certainly the best choice. It’s speed is high enough to make recording with multiple tracks very smooth. The memory supports storing almost an endless number of tracks and jam sessions. Also, the Mac Pro allows you to add a huge number of add-ons, plugins, software and other things that you may want later on incorporate into your music making process

A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is a software that is used to record, edit and mix music by musicians in a studio. The pieces of hardware that you need in order to connect your computer with the rest of the equipment in the studio are called Audio Interfaces. The DAW can be bought as a digital version that can be downloaded off the internet. This software can also be shipped to your address and then installed on your system as a non-digital version. And some DAWs can be included for free when they’re purchased with certain audio interfaces. There are several brands and types of Audio Interfaces available in the market. You would need to install the Audio Interface that is compatible with your DAW. Also, the interface connectors should be suitable and it should also have the number of inputs/outputs that you need. When working with a midi software, you will need a midi keyboard, which serves the purpose for almost all studios.

Of the many different types of beat making software there are that you can purchase, the best ones that we’ve had hands on experience with are reviewed in the reviews section. Be sure to head over there as the reviews will definitely help you make a decision in which software to use. 

One of the most important necessities that you’ll need is a microphone. Without a mic, you won’t be able to make and record music as a DJ. From the thousands of microphones available, you need to choose the one that best suites your needs. beat-making-microphone

Another big necessity for making music are headphones. There’s a huge number of different types of headphones to choose from, so like the microphone, choose the brand that’s right for you. When trying to make your decision, you should definitely test some headphones that your considering if it’s possible. You could go to some local music stores and ask to try out some of the headphones they have to offer.  

Like the last two necessities, three XLR cables are absolutely necessary in a basic home studio for a DJ or a rapper. Two are needed for the monitor that you choose to use and one for your microphone. As you add more equipment to your studio, you will need more XLR cables to connect everything. 

For recording serious music as a DJ or a rapper, you’re going to need amplifiers and sound cards to be installed on your computer. You can also invest in an internal or external hard drive to store your works as they grow in number. A DJ or rapper would of course need a synthesizer. While the best synthesizers come at a high price, lightweight and inexpensive ones like the Yamaha MM6 are perfect as a first buy for a new DJ. Most beat making software comes with inbuilt virtual instruments like drums, and guitars, so for those of you who are on a tight budget, you don’t need a high-end keyboard to start off and can use these tools instead. 

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It’s best to start off with simple tracks, a drumbeat or two. Test your music making skills by mixing and editing it to your liking, and see how it goes. You can always tweak around the software, change the position of the microphone and add a sound card when you need to. So go out there, get what you need, and test your skills!