PC or Mac?

Here it is, the big Mac versus PC debate. I will be honest, it’s a tough debate whether to use a Mac or PC for beat making software. Some people say that Macs are better and other individuals believe that PCs are better, but if you’ve only ever used one or the other it’s important to know the different benefits and downfalls of each. Honestly, what you choose depends on what you’re looking for, and what is important to you in your music making venture. If you’re looking for affordability, the best choice is PC all the way. However, if you are looking for something that will have less issues all the way around and holds its value, the best way to go is Mac.

Let me break.

A Mac is a great computer to use for quality. Macs have less virus issues than PCs. In time, a Mac might end up¬†saving you more money than a PC because it has less virus issues, and holds its value longer than a PC does. Another great benefit that a Mac provides, is that there are less options to choose from, so you know what you’re getting and you spend less of your quality time shopping for a computer. Apple has a great way to back up your files online through Time Machine. All you have to do to use Time Machine is turn it on while you are using your computer and it will do it’s work in the background. A Mac really has ease of use when you get used to the platform. Everyone seems to think that PCs are more user friendly, but in reality it’s not any easier to use. Though PCs come in a variety of shapes and styles, Macs are always stylish. Even if you look at a Mac from three years ago it still looks stylish and you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be using the three year old computer. Best of all, a Mac gives you the best of both worlds, because you can run windows on a Mac if you prefer the Windows style. There is software that you can download onto your Mac that will make running Windows on your computer possible.

PC-computer-softwarePersonally, I like to use Mac, and I like their easy to use platform. As long as you can afford it, why not spend a little more upfront for outlasting quality. Macs are stable, which is important, especially if it’s something you are doing to make money rather than just something you are doing as a hobby. Also, Macs are much quieter than PCs when running and operating software which is a huge benefit when making music. You want to hear the beat when making music, not the gurgles and moans your PC makes while trying to process the software and the information you are putting in. A Mac allows you to run multiple audio interfaces with its Tiger (OSX 10.4). It is also more important to get the best quality and value over time, which a Mac will give you. A PC may be cheaper upfront, but it’ll probably cost more over time to have to run the protection you need on your computer so you don’t get viruses, and even still with virus protection, you can still get a virus on your PC. This is much less of an issue with a Mac.

If you’re currently running PC and are thinking of switching to a Mac, you should consider doing so. Not many individuals regret the decision of switching from a PC to a Mac. Read some online reviews for yourself to see if making the switch would be worth it for you.

To sum things up, if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck upfront, or you are new to making beats and want to be able to find help easily online, go with a PC. If you are looking for value over time and are comfortable with the Mac platform or are comfortable learning the new platform and you are confident in your beat making skills, go with a Mac. Also, if you want the reliability of Mac, but like the Windows platform, remember that you can use Windows on your Mac. I hope this article helped you decide what is better for you, because everyone has something different that is important to them. To some people it’s better to have upfront value and savings and for others it’s more important to have value over time. Good luck in your music making ventures!¬†