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Product Description

Behringer has firmly established itself as a leading provider of affordable, yet high quality audio equipment – if you ask anyone what the best starting equipment for their studio would be, Behringer is always among the top recommendations.

The Ultragain Digital ADA8200 is a simple ADAT interface with 8 mic/line inputs and quality preamps that is suitable for most professional applications. Whether you need to add more microphones or more inputs for various instruments to your existing set up, this is one of the top choices for the price.

The device looks quite good on the outside, but it’s the internals that really matter, and Behringer did pretty much everything right. A switching power supply provides power from any outlet (100-240V), and each of the eight inputs has an XLR and 1/4 inch connectors (balanced, of course, with phantom power for the XLR), as well as gain knobs and LED indicators.

Internally, the big feature is the high end mic preamps designed by Midas (which is owned by the same parent company as Behringer). These are the same preamps used on the Midas Venice professional live mixer, and sure enough, they provide a high quality sound with a low noise floor – you can easily use the ADA8200 in a live setting or for studio recording.

While you can’t get a sample rate higher than 48 kHz, the sound quality is impressive. The 24 bit D/A converters are made by Cirrus Logic, and they are truly reference class – less than 1ms latency, with an excellent frequency response at 10Hz – 24 kHz.

Of course, you still need an actual interface to connect the ADA8200 to via ADAT – it can’t be used as a standalone mixer. But if you need to provide high quality inputs to your existing setup or you want to save on the audio interface, the ADA8200 is a perfect choice. Like its predecessor, it’s a true workhorse that can be used equally well for anything from podcasting to live performance.