Blue Microphones Yeti USB Multi-Pattern Microphone with Full Size Studio Headphones and Knox Pop Filter for Yeti Microphone

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Product Description

The Blue Microphone Yeti special set is perfect for any music producer who’s on a tight budget. It offers the best surround sound and is very simple to use. Practically any DJ or rapper can use this because the microphone is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

In addition, the microphone also comes equipped with full sized studio headphones that nicely lock out outside noises once they’re put on and as a result, the headphones are perfect for anyone music maker.This USB microphone can also be used by a rapper for rapping, as it comes equipped with condenser filters that keep out sound effects from popping and proximity effects.

This USB microphone can be used with a variety of musical instruments due to its unique settings as well. For the best music making experience for a beat maker, this microphone can be set to record either in stereo mode, cardioid, figure-8 or omni directional.