Numark NV DJ Controller for Serato with Intelligent Dual-Display and Touch-Capacitive Knobs

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Product Description

Numark’s DJ controllers are pretty well known and appreciated, but they’ve really outdone themselves with the NV – a controller for Serato DJ that, in the words of Numark, changes everything.

Indeed, it does – the Numark NV is one of the most comfortable DJ controllers on the market, and it’s priced very competitively, as well. The defining feature and what sets it apart from all the other devices you can buy are the two 4.3” displays on the front – showing all the information that you need about your tracks, they let you focus on the controller instead of switching between it and your PC or Mac.

Aside from that, the Numark NV is a very well made 4 deck controller for Serato DJ that lets you perform your mixes the way you want it. The touch activated knobs make it much easier to control, and the velocity sensitive trigger pads raise the limits on what you can do with your loops and samples. They also have separate RGB backlights, letting you customize the way they look and respond to various taps and presses.

The ever present jog wheels are 4” in diameter and specifically designed to work flawlessly in any weather, so you can use the Numark NV under most conditions. Of course, they’re also touch sensitive, which gives you yet another layer of control over your mix.

As far as effects go, you get two banks, with three effects (all post fader) per bank, which can be assigned to any of the four channels. This means that you can assign up to 6 effects per channel, and all of them will have wet/dry and beat parameters, as well. Switching through effects on the fly is made easy by the touch sensitive designated buttons.

On the back of the device, you’ll find the USB port, two RCA input jacks, a 1/8” mic input jack, booth and master output RCA jacks, as well as two balanced XLR output connectors. On top of everything, the Numark NV is also compact (measuring it at 21.6″ x 13.4″ x 2.1″) and relatively light (at 7 lbs) – you can set it up anywhere you want without any trouble.

All in all, the Numark NV is pretty much the best DJ controller for Serato, and it puts everything else in its price category to shame. With features that rival that of four dollar figure professional decks, this is a worthy investment whether you are a professional DJ or just learning the ropes.