Superior Songwriting

Getting a musical inspiration can be an exciting or frustrating experience. If you know the art of musical composition, an inspiration is about the best thing that can happen to you. This is because you can transform the inspiration into an amazing piece of music which you and others can enjoy. 

If you don’t know a lot about musical composition, you can end up frustrated. This is because you may know what you feel, but have no idea how to make it come alive. This is about the worst thing that can happen to anyone. What should have been a gift turns into a source of frustration and torment.

When most people experience such frustration, they seek relief in beat making software. They hope that software like BTV Solo and Mega Music Maker can help them to refine their musical ideas. More often than not, this doesn’t work. This is because such software requires an understanding of basic (and sometimes complex) musical concepts. Someone without a musical background can’t maximize the excellent features in such software. A lot of people try to look for something that offers everything that they need all in one. The question is, is there something out there that provides everything a music maker needs to be successful? 

So what should a total novice do? Well the smartest approach is to learn some basics about music. One way is through signing up for music lessons with an experienced instructor. But this can be quite expensive. The second way is to sign-up for a music composition course. One of the best courses available that does offer pretty much everything a music producer needs is Singorama’s Superior Songwriting.

What is Superior Songwriting?

Superior Songwriting is a course that’s designed to help people refine their music skills. Its goal is to help people to get in touch with their musical genius. Although it’s name suggests that its a songwriting course, it teaches much more than just songwriting. It also teaches music composition, vocal refinement, reading sheet music and even

The course contains a wealth of material that’s presented in a simple, step-by-step format. There are a variety of formats including ebooks, audio samples, and a variety of software for both instruction and practice. This course floods you with both information and useful materials that you will need in order to succeed.  

Superior Songwriting was created to provide the perfect foundation for anyone who desires to build a musical career. It introduces someone to the holistic view of music i.e. as an art, a science and a business.

As an art, it offers practical tips on how to spark and awaken your musical creativity. As a science, it enables you to grasp the immutable laws in every great piece of music. As a business, it teaches you how to market your music. In the end, Superior Songwriting enables you to maximize your musical potential as much as possible.

Main Features Of Superior Songwriting

At the core of the program is an ebook entitled “Superior Songwriting – The Ultimate Guide To Writing And Selling Your Songs”. This ebook is written in a simple, modular manner with vivid illustrations. Among the contents of the book are:

– A detailed guide on how to write songs from scratch. This includes practical tips on how to plan for, write, and edit song lyrics. This is an important guide on how to transform your inspirations into songs. 

– A guide on how to create a song based on just melodies. This is invaluable for an aspiring producer. It teaches how to combine sounds in order to communicate feelings, emotions and meaning.

-An analysis of song structure. This is a breakdown of the different components of what makes up a song. Understanding the complex structure makes you a better composer, producer or even DJ. 

-A step-by-step guide on how to market your songs. This introduces you to the world of music marketing including the players (publishers, entertainment attorneys, etc), the legislations and winning strategies. It basically teaches you how to effectively market your music.bonus-offer

-Different songwriting tricks, hacks and strategies which are used by effective songwriters.

Besides the ebook, those who sign up for Superior Songwriting also receive a bonus package worth $89.95. The bonus actually remains yours to keep even if you choose to return the program. It includes the following:

-An ebook entitled “Song Writing Creativity” which provides practical tips on how to super-charge your creativity.

-A software called “Rhyme Master Pro” which is used for finding rhyming words. This is invaluable since rhymes are an important component in music composition. You simply type a word, and it lists all words with rhyme with it.bonus-offer-beat

-Singaroma’s Mini Recording Studio Software which provides simple recording capabilities. It contains great recording and playback capabilities, a virtual piano and a number of pre-recorded scales. It’s great for vocal practice. 

Pretty much, Superior Songwriting does an amazing job in providing you with everything you need to become a successful music producer. I know a lot of you by now are pretty interested in what it has to offer. Click Here to Get it Now! 

What Makes Superior Songwriting Special?

What makes Superior Songwriting special is the musical foundation that it provides you. Such a foundation is invaluable if you intend to make inroads as a composer, producer, DJ and or musician. It enables you to develop a feel and an ear for music. 

An ear for music is priceless when using beat making software. It enables you to create precise sounds which are perfect to the tiniest detail. A beat created by someone who truly understands music is usually much better sounding than one which is created by someone who doesn’t.

As such, Superior Songwriting should actually be a precursor to using software like BTV Solo, Mega Music Maker, and others. With the foundational knowledge presented in the course, any of these software becomes a power tool for creating sensational music. Without the foundational knowledge, beat making software is a powerful tool in the hands of an amateur – it can’t be of much use. 

What Are Its Pros and Cons?


It provides you with a solid musical background on which you can build your composing, producing, songwriting or DJing career.

Its material is provided in a simple, step-by-step format which makes it very easy to follow. 

Its marketing component is invaluable for someone who intends to monetize their musical activities. 

It doesn’t require any shipping. All the course content is downloaded. This gives instant access after signing up.PC and Mac

It’s available at a bargain price. It’s currently being sold at just $49.95 – a discount from its market price of $99.95. Despite the discount, it still comes with bonuses worth $89.95. The bonuses are yours to keep even if you choose to return the course and ask for a refund.

It comes with 56-day money-back guarantee. This gives ample time for you to try it out. In case you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund.


There is no clear downside to Superior Songwriting. Perhaps the only criticism that can be raised is that it doesn’t provide the personal touch that you would get from a private music tutor. However, you can personalize the course to suit your own unique needs. As a result, the lack of personal touch is redundant. The course is perfect just the way it is.

Verdict: Is Singoroma’s Superior Songwriting Worth It?

Superior Songwriting is the perfect choice for anyone who intends to make inroads into the music industry. It provides a solid background upon which all the other programs can be built. Its holistic approach to music makes it especially invaluable to anyone who intends to maximize their musical potential.

What makes this course special is that it not only teaches you how to awaken your musical genius, it also teaches you how to market your own musical products. This course makes it so that music becomes more than just a hobby – it becomes a business.

Therefore, this course is perfect for anyone who intends to fulfill their musical potential. It’s especially perfect for anyone who desires to maximize the power of beat making software. Whether you intend to acquire the software or already have it, this course can enable you to make the most of it.

The best part is Singoroma’s Superior Songwriting is currently available at a discount of almost 50%. Instead of its usual price of $99, it’s available for a limited-time offer of $49. So, grab your copy before prices soar again.

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