Ultimate DJ Academy

With a growing number of software now available cheaply, becoming a DJ or music producer has never been easier. Anyone can install music production software on their PC or Mac, and begin learning how to use it. However, becoming a professional DJ or producer is still quite difficult. This is because having software doesn’t guarantee attaining the right skills. 

Unfortunately, attaining DJ or music production skills seldom comes easy. For starters, DJing and music production is often taught in separate courses – each of which costs thousands of dollars. So pretty much, whoever wants to learn DJing and music production often has to invest not only lots of money, but lots of time as well. This can be a barrier for someone who doesn’t have deep pockets or lots of free time.

Fortunately, there is a training program designed to help aspiring DJs and music producers to attain the right skills without a hustle. First of all, the program is extremely affordable. Secondly, it teaches both DJing and music production in a single course. As a result, it can enable someone to acquire professional DJ and music production skills without investing too much time. This training program is the Ultimate DJ Academy

What is Ultimate DJ Academy?

Ultimate DJ Academy  is a course created for people who are interested in becoming DJs or producers (or both). It’s designed to enable such people to acquire the adequate skills – whether their intention is to remain skilled enthusiasts or become professionals.

The course teaches people how to use popular DJing and production technologies such as Ableton, Pioneer DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ. It also introduces them to the most popular equipment, and teaches them the tricks which professional DJs and producers use. Finally, it teaches them on how to market their services so that they can get gigs.

Ultimate DJ Academy was created by seasoned DJs and producers with extensive experience in the industry. As such, what is taught in the course isn’t empty theory, but real practical skills. In fact, since its launch, the course has helped numerous people to enter into the exciting world of DJing and music production. 

Key Features Of Ultimate DJ Academy

– Detailed tutorials for a variety of DJ and production technologies including Ableton, Pioneer DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ. This makes students versatile and able to handle most Djing and production environments.

-Step-by-step guides on the latest DJing and production tips, hacks and strategies. This enables students to gain mastery within a relatively short time.

– Content presented in the form of professionally made HD videos. This makes the content vivid, enriching and easy-to-follow.

– Unlimited email access to professional DJs and producers which offers an opportunity for students to put any queries to experts.

– Fulltime online access to all the course materials. This provides instant access from any computer with internet. There is no need to install any software.

-Practical guidelines on how to market music or DJ services. This makes it easy for someone to monetize the DJ and music production skills attained during the course. download PC Mac

What Sets Ultimate DJ Academy Apart?

Ultimate DJ Academy is unique in many respects. However, there are two major attributes which distinguish it from similar products. The first is its dual-approach i.e. focusing on both DJing and music production. Most programs focus on one or the other. This dual approach makes the program self-reinforcing. The reason for this is that having DJing skills can make you a better music producer. The reverse is also true. So the double approach definitely makes the Academy more effective.

The second attribute is its provision of training on multiple technologies. This course introduces students to various technologies including Ableton, Pioneer DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ. This ultimately makes students more versatile and flexible. 

However, the provision of multiple technologies presents one downside. It means that the software isn’t provided as part of the course. This means that each student has to find alternative sources for acquiring the software. If someone doesn’t know where to look for them, such software like Ableton, Pioneer DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ can be quite difficult to find.

The content of the Ultimate DJ Academy requires some basic musical background to grasp perfectly. Someone without a musical background may struggle to grasp some of the content. For such a person, a perfect foundational course is Singorama’s Superior Songwriting. This course offers core foundational concepts which make understanding the content of Ultimate DJ Academy much easier. It also provides many of the amazing features that Ultimate DJ Academy already has to offer, and even more incredible aspects that make it (in my opinion) a better investment. 

Pros and Cons of Ultimate DJ Academy


It enables you to master both DJing and music production skills. This makes is doubly beneficial since most courses only teach one or the other.

It teaches you about different DJing and music production technologies. This makes you flexible and versatile hence, opening more opportunities for you.

It’s fully available online. You don’t have to download anything or wait for any product to get shipped. So if you immediately sign up, you can enjoy instant access.

It’s extremely affordable. The entire course is available for a one-time payment of $24.95. This makes it about the cheapest music production course on the market.

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This gives you more than enough time to check it out.


The major criticism about Ultimate DJ Academy is that its content is only available online. There is no download option. This means that even after signing up for the course, you can only access it when you have an internet connection. No internet, no access. If your internet connection is slow, then viewing the videos will take time. Even if you have hi-speed internet, viewing the videos online consumes your bandwidth. If it were possible to download some content, such problems would be eliminated. 

Another criticism is that you don’t get the software used in the course. You have to get the various software such as Ableton, Pioneer DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ from somewhere else. What’s more is that while this software is good to use, it isn’t the best beat making software that you have the ability to use. There is way better music producing software out there for DJs such as BTV Solo. Along with this, it can be quite difficult to find Albeton, Pioneer DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ online, and even then, you may not get the best deal that’s out there. 

The Verdict: Is Ultimate DJ Academy Worth It?

The Ultimate DJ Academy is no doubt a great option for someone who wants to master both DJing and music production skills. The fact that it enables someone to master a variety of technologies makes it perfect for someone who wants to excel on the market. Its provision of training on marketing aspects just adds the icing on the cake. In a nutshell, it is a great course.

Therefore, if you’re looking to become a highly skilled DJ or music producer, Ultimate DJ Academy is one of the best products you can get. At $24.95, it’s certainly affordable. The only thing you have to remember is that you must have access to the technologies like Ableton, Pioneer DJ, Traktor and Virtual DJ before signing up for the program. You also have to remember that you need basic foundational knowledge of music in order to benefit from the course. 

If you don’t have such knowledge, then Ultimate DJ Academy won’t benefit you much. You will struggle to grasp some of the content. The best thing for you is to first get the foundational concepts taught in Singorama’s Songwriting Success. This is the best course for total music novices. Once you master the basics in Songwriting Success, you are better placed to maximize the potential of Ultimate DJ Academy. You can find out more about Songwriting Success here.

If Ultimate DJ Academy sounds like something for you, definitely check it out! You can sign up for it right away!